Thursday, September 15, 2011

My favorite body lotion

I decided to make a post about my favorite body lotion. I have tried so many different body lotion's, but i finally found the one i like the most.

This is the clinique deep comfort, body butter, which is my favorite body lotion. I have a big one of them, which contain's 400ml. This body lotion is almost fragrance-free, so you would definitely like it, if you don't wanna have a body lotion with too much fragrance in it. I take the body lotion on right after my shower, and it dries so fast. It moisturizes my skin very well, and leaves my skin so soft.
It's a little expensive, but i definitely think it's worth it.
I got to know the body lotion, cause of my mom. She told me that she tried it ones, and she thought it was so good. And since i was having problems finding a good lotion, my mom gave me a tester of it. I used the tester fast, and i decided to buy a big one, cause it was so good.

If you try it, please write to me what you think:

- Josephine