Thursday, February 9, 2012

People's Choice Awards: Pretty Little Liars

Ashley Benson
Ashleys white dress, is classic but still girly. With the black belt and the black stuff at the bottom of the dress, it makes the dress a little more fun and girly. She paired it with a black pair of heels, a little clutch and some big round earrings, all in black. Her accessories are very simple, only the big earrings. Her pink nail polish add a little color to the outfit, and her curled her is very cute and girly. Her make up is very natural, only with a lot of black eyeliner, and natural colors of eye shadows.

Lucy Hale
Wow! Her dress is just amazing! Short, black dress with a long side. Very cute and girly with the little pop on one of her shoulders. Her curls and silver earrings compliments the glittering dress. Way to go Hale!

Shay Mitchel
Shay's cute little dress compliments her body so well. The shape of it in the neckline is gorgeous, and fits perfectly on a body like hers. Her red lips really adds a pop of color to the cute black and white dress. And the clutch matches just well to the outfit.

What do you think? And who's overall look do you like the most? Comment below!