Sunday, September 25, 2011

Homemade Face Primer

Today im gonna show you, how i make my own face primer. Im not gonna use a aloe vera, cause i don't have any at home, but i will defiantly recommend using a aloe vero if you have one, cause without it, it's a little sticky.
The first thing you're gonna need is a empty container. And make sure it's clean!
The im gonna add is some sort of moisturizer. Im using the Clinique moisture surge. But you can use whatever moisturizer you want.
Just simply add the moisturizer to your container.

Then what you're gonna need is a foundation or a concealer. Im using the Mac select cover-up concealer.
And just blend that with the moisturizer.
And then you should have your own homemade face primer. It's really easy to make, and it's much cheaper, than to buy it, cause you usually already have all these product's at home. And as I said it's a good idea to use a aloe vera, cause it won't get so sticky. But im using one without aloe vera, so you can defiantly do that aswell.
Hope you're gonna try it out.
And if you do please e-mail me, what you think of it.