Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas time!! and updates

Yeaaa! Christmas time!! Not yet, but soon! Weeee! I get so exited about Christmas, and it's definitely one of my favorite times of the year. I just love the decorations, the smell of Christmas and the food! I mean, who doesn't love Christmas food? Actually i'd been in a Christmas mood for a very long time now, but today I walked into the living room.. and BAAAM Christmas decorations all over the room! Usually my parents are really lazy about decorating for Christmas, and we just do it a couple of weeks before christmas, cause my parents say that they get tired of looking at all the christmas stuff. Who the heck get tired of christmas stuff? you can't get tired of that. When christmas is over i just wanna leave all the decorations up, cause i love it! And my parents always take it down a couple of days after christmas, which sucks.
But you guys!! Guess what? A couple of days after christmas i'm gonna go on a travel for a week to a island called Fuerto Ventura. And if you don't know where that is, google it. It looks like this:

I can't wait! I just wanna go now! And the best part is, that i'm going with my family, my best friend, and her family!! WEEE! And we're gonna celebrate new years eve down there! And you know what? I'm gonna film, when i'm there, so you guys can see how my travel was. Okay, there's like a month till we're going, but i'm just so exited.

The rest of the week, i'm gonna take a lot of pictures with my precious iPhone, so you guys can see how my normal weeks are. Two of the days of this week already went by, but that doesn't matter. So this week i'm gonna be posting a lot of pictures. BUT! I ordered 15 products from e.l.f. so i'm gonna do a haul on that too, when i get the products.

That's it! Just a couple of updates!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Knapsack of hope

Today I probably got the sweetest gift ever! My friend gave it to me, and she made it herself. This is a really good gift to give to one of your friends. It's really inexpensive, but still so thoughtful.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

A look into my room

Facial treatment - Clay Powder

Today it's the first Sunday of advent, so I got this facial treatment, made out of clay powder. Its from a local mall, so you can probably get it where you live too. Here's some pictures of it: (it's in danish, but there's just standing that it's a facial treatment of clay and it's for 1 person)