Friday, January 27, 2012

Red Carpet Trends: Golden Globes


Death: It's not something to make jokes about

The picture you see right there, is the logo for a cafe in my country. I'm making this post, because when I heard about this I got really angry. In the cafe there's a little box where you can give them tips (by putting money in the box), which is not such a bad idea. The thing that ruined it, was the way they did it on. One of the workers from the cafe, had putted a badge on the box, which said: "Every time you tip, a Justin Bieber-fan dies". Suddenly the idea of getting tips, got serious in a completely different way. The fans of course heard about it. And to mention that i'm also a fan, I got angry myself too - not only because it said "A Justin Bieber-fan" - but because of the way they joked with death. I do not think it's okay. Several people contacted Joey and the Juice, and the worker that applied the badge is now fired. Which I personally think he deserves.

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Inspiration: Ashley Benson

I love Ashley Benson. She's so pretty and talented. Her acting is just precious. We all know her from Pretty Little Liars, but she's also been in shows and movies like "13 going on 30", "Bring It On", "Days Of Our Lives", "Christmas Cupid", "Zoey 101", "Supernatural" and "CSI: Miami".


Smile - it's the most beautiful curve on your body

Remember to smile ;-)



Pictures: Inspiration

I'm doing extra many posts today (and the rest of the weekend), cause i won't be posting at all next week. I'm going to the military for a week. It's just something that me and my friend is gonna try for fun. And i'm really looking forward to it! When the week is over I will be posting some pictures from the week!
Kisses to you!

Clothes: Urban Outfitters

I really love Urban Outfitters. So I decided to do a post with pictures and links of clothes from Urban Outfitters. Hope you like it!