Friday, January 27, 2012

Death: It's not something to make jokes about

The picture you see right there, is the logo for a cafe in my country. I'm making this post, because when I heard about this I got really angry. In the cafe there's a little box where you can give them tips (by putting money in the box), which is not such a bad idea. The thing that ruined it, was the way they did it on. One of the workers from the cafe, had putted a badge on the box, which said: "Every time you tip, a Justin Bieber-fan dies". Suddenly the idea of getting tips, got serious in a completely different way. The fans of course heard about it. And to mention that i'm also a fan, I got angry myself too - not only because it said "A Justin Bieber-fan" - but because of the way they joked with death. I do not think it's okay. Several people contacted Joey and the Juice, and the worker that applied the badge is now fired. Which I personally think he deserves.

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