Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nail Polish for Fall

Today i decided to show you guy's my favorite nail polish color for fall.
I would say that the color is a dark purplish color, which I think is absolutely perfect for fall.
At the picture the color is a little bit lighter, than it is And it looks kinda red, but it's not.
Before i put the actual nail polish on, I put a base coat on. Base coat prevent nail polish from staining nails, and also create's a sticky base for the polish to "hold" onto. 
After that I apply the actual nail polish i wanna use. I just put two layer's on, cause it will make it last longer, and when you put more than two layers on, it will be chipping much easier. Each layer must be thin and done in three strokes. The left, the middle and then the right side of the nail. After that i apply a top coat, which prevent nail polish from chipping and fading, and will give you a long lasting shine. 

This nail polish is from Nivea.