Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Water Bobble

Hey guys!
So i just find this new really cool water bottle. As you can see at the picture, there's a filter at the top of the bottle. What it basically do is, that it filters the water right before you drink it. So the water you'll drink, will be cleaner. It's called a Water Bobble, and im so in love with it.
You can get it in many different colors. I ordered mine in pink.

I know you can get it in Target. But since i live in Denmark, which is a small country in Europe, we don't have the store Target. So i ordered it on the internet. I should get mine tomorrow, and i'm super exited about it.
My friend has one, so i know how it works, and i know it's good!

I ordered the water bobble here: http://www.rent-liv.dk/21_water-bobble (danish webside)

Love Josephine.