Thursday, October 6, 2011

5 outfits I wanna own

I love clothes. Of course i do, everybody loves clothes! That's why i decided to post five outfits.  Plus fall is one of my favorite style seasons. Hope you will get some inspiration from the outfits.
1. Starting from what's at the top of the outfit. 4. And ending at the bottom at the outfit.

1. Hat Ursula
2. Winterprint Blouse
3. Funky highwaste leggins
4. Daisy

1. Hat Ursula
2. Ibella Knitwear
3. Zip Low Very Nice Jeans
4. Gardenia Crazy

1. Freja Drapy Knit Cardigan
2. Caraly Top
3. Tight Rubber Jeans
4. Jemila

1. Spinner Knit Waistcoat
2. Hanna Long Top
3. Zip Low Very Nice Jeans
4. Clare

1. Crystal Gloss
2. Price Tahoe Knit
3. Scarlett Daisy Blue
4. Angle Cut

Hope you liked it! Which outfit did you like the most? Comment below!