Thursday, October 13, 2011

Styles from 1991 coming back!

Im watching this serie called Full House. I don't know if you know it, but yea it's really good! But when im watching it, im always looking at their clothes. Cause a really funny thing, is that i actually like some of the things they are wearing. I took a picture of some of the outfits. And i just wanted to share it with you:

This is Becky. Here she is wearing this really cute dress kinda thing. (It's not long, but short, you just can't tell it at this picture)

This is DJ. Which is the teenager of the family. Here she is wearing a purplish colored shirt, with high wasted pants.

This is also DJ. I would consider wearing this in the summer. Really cute!

This outfit is my favorite! It's a pink/red shirt, with a black pair of jeans, and boots. Oh yea, i really like this! without the towel she's wearing of course.

Hope you liked this! Which one of the outfit's do you like? Comment below!