Thursday, November 17, 2011


Every body loves music, right? I couldn't live without it. And sometimes you just get stuck in some songs, and can't really find some new ones. And that's why i love sharing what kind of music and artists i listen to. Also because the music you are listening to, kinda relate to your personality. And i love hearing new music, so if you're doing, or have done a post about what music you're listening to, leave a comment below with a link to it. Then we can get some inspiration from each other! Just give all of the songs a chance, who know's maybe you think they're great!
Here comes some of the artists i'd been listening to: (Some of them are danish artists)

Mac Miller


Sonny & Cher - I got you babe

Niklas - Ikk mer' mig (Not me anymore)

Iron & Wine - Flightless Bird

Christopher - Against the odds

Justin Bieber

Jasmine Villegas - The Breakup Song

Selena Gomez - Hit The Lights

For more old songs, go check out my post called "Songs you gotta love", this:

you know you love me.. XOXO.. gossip girl
Just kidding, actually it's been quite a while since i'd watched Gossip Girl, maybe i should go check out the new episodes.. Used to love it!