Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So what did I get for Christmas?

Before you read any longer, I just want to say that i'm not doing this post to brag about any of the stuff that I got. Just to show you guys what i got, and tell you if I liked it or not. 
And beside all of the gifts that there are pictures of, I also got a membership for a year at fitness and a lot of money. And I also got a pair of shoes, which is not in this post cause i forgot them - but they will be on the post where I show what I bought on Fuerteventura.
But anyways I hope you all had a good vacation! I'm already back at school, and i'm just waiting for this year to get over.

Two Mascaras:
Both of them are from Rimmel London.
The pink one is the max volume flash mascara.
And the green one is the max bold curves mascara.
And the bold curves one is now my all time favorite mascara. It is really, really good!

And I'm so exited about this gift! It's the Remington Pearl Wand, which i've been wanting for a long time, and i finally got it!

And this is the stuff that i'm not going to keep.
It's a nail polish from Gosh and an eyeliner from Rimmel London.

Then I got this gift certificates to a clothing store.

Then I got a cooking book, but only with cakes. Yum. And i'm so exited to make all of them, and even more exited to eat them haha! The tittle of the book is: Amazing Cakes. (And Ida if you're reading this: Yes, the one with oreo frosting is in it!!!!)

And my family probably knows how much I love chocolate haha. So i got this big Anton Berg chocolate box, with 800 g chocolate in it. I'm never gonna eat all of this! I haven't even opened it yet.

Underwear from Björn Borg haha.

And a top, which I don't know if i'm gonna keep from Vila.

A Mac eye shadow int eh shade Filament.

A O.P.I. nail polish, which is the opi red.

An eyeliner from again Rimmel London.

And a movie, which i haven't watched yet.

I also got a Justin Bieber poster. But it was kinda hard to take a picture of it, since i haven't even opened it yet.

Hope you all had a great Christmas!
And oh yea, thank you so much guys! I just came home, and checked on my blog and realized that i have more than 1000 views. Wow, thank you! I know it's not a lot to many of you, but all of a sudden I just had so  many views, than i usually had