Monday, February 13, 2012


Today i was going for a more comfortable look. It's still really cold outside, so it's important for me to wear warm clothes.

I'm wearing a sweater/top from Zara, a pair of jeans also from Zara, and boots that i got on Fuerteventura. For accessories i'm wearing a couple of rings. + red nail polish from OPI.  
And oh yea btw guys, do you want to see some pictures from my vacation on Fuerteventura? I can show you some of them if you want!

You can spice the very simple outfit up, by adding a pair of heels and putting your hair up in a high pony tale. These wedges are from defense.

Hope you guys liked this post! And remember just to leave a comment below on what you think, and if you would want me to upload pictures from Fuerteventura.