Sunday, April 15, 2012

Up close and personal 1/3

30 personal questions about myself. Number 1 post out of 3.
Feel free to do this, and leave a comment below with a link to your post.

1. Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.
I'm single. It can be a really good thing at times, but at other times I really wish that there were someone there for me all the time. Someone I could snuggle up to when i'm sad, and someone who gets me. It can be good, because no one is there telling you that you can't do something you want to or get jealous and mad at you. And you're free.

2. Where you'd like to be in 10 years.
In 10 years i'm 25, and I would probably be going on a university in my country.

3. Your views on drugs and alcohol.
In my country i'm aloud to drink, and when I turn 16 i'm aloud to buy alcohol too. I think drugs are stupid, and drinking is okay if you don't do it too often and you have control over it.

4. Your views on religion.
I respect every single religion, and what they believe in. Myself, honestly, I don't know what to believe in.

5. A time you thought about ending your life.
There was a time when I was a child, and I was very sick, and I thought that i would probably just feel better if I was dead. But I was little, maybe around 6 years, and I didn't even knew what death meant. I have never ever really thought about killing myself.

6. Write 11 interesting facts about yourself.
I eat a lot, but yet i'm still skinny.
I'm insecure at time, and secure at other times.
I love things I can relate to.
I have glasses that I use every now and then.
I sleep with see through braces.
I hate fish and tomato's.
I don't trust anyone, except myself.
I have never had a boyfriend.
I hate not wearing nail polish.
I work at a local supermarket.
I go to a private school.

7. Your zodiac sign, and if you think it fits your personality.
Scorpio. It fits my personality perfectly.

8. A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life.
Those moments just come every now and then.

9. How you hope your future would be like.
I will get a good job that I love, a husband that I love, one or two kids. And just be happy.

10. Discuss your first love and your first kiss.
I haven't had my first love yet. My first kiss was very funny actually. And I don't know if you even can call it a first kiss. I was around 12 years old, and we were playing this game, where you basically has to do some challenges. A guy from my class was challenged to kiss me, and we kissed. It didn't mean anything to me, but it was still a kiss. A haven't had a kiss that meant something really special to me yet.

That was the first 10 questions of this, i will do a post tomorrow with the next 10 questions (maybe all 20, depends).