Monday, October 3, 2011

Decorating your room

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Hey guys! Today i decided to do a post about how you can make your bedroom more decorated and nice. I decided to use something from my room. I really like to decorate my room, and make it more cozy and comfortable to be in. The picture is from my room, and it's obviously a shelf. A have my TV on it, and then i decided to decorate it a bit. Don't mind the duck teddy bear, beside my TV, i'd had it since i was born.

At the top shelf, i have a lot of stuff. I don't know if you can see it but in the back, i have all of my lipstick's. Beside them I have a nail polish remover. Then i have two letters, which say's J (cause of my name 'Josephine') one green and the other purple. Right beside the letters i have a little donkey from Winnie The Pooh, which i think is so cute! I'd got it year's ago, from a happy meal. 
Then i have all of my nail polishes. And yea, there's a lot of them. Behind them i'd got a cup from starbucks, cause i love it so much! Than i have a white hand, with all of my rings on it. 
At last i have a seventeen magazine, laying under a jar with lip gloss', and four heart's. The blue heart says 'Happiness', the pink says 'Peace', the green says 'Friendship' and the purple says 'Luck'. Oh yea, i can't forget the candles. I have the three big once, standing at the magazine (White, grey and pink). And then i have some small ones behind my nail polishes in pink, purple and a vanilla white. 
At the bottom of the shelf, i just have my DVD's, and some just laying there, cause i can't find the cover to them.. ops..
And then in the corner I have some Justin Bieber thing's. Cause if you didn't know it, im a Belieber. So i have my First step 2 Forever book, Never Say Never, and some of his CD's. 

That's just an example what you could do with a shelf, just to make it look more decorated. Of course there's many other possibilities what you could do, but this is just how i'd decided to do it.

Hope you liked it.