Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Favorites

Today im doing my very first favortites. And since september just ended, i'd decided to do a favorite post. First i'll show you my beauty favorites, and afterwards just some random favorite thing's.
Powder: My favorite powder of this month is the stay matte pressed powder, by Rimmel London. I just think that this is really good when your face is kinda oily. So yea, i really like that.
Blush: The blush im currently using is the Flawless Perfection Blush from Maxfactor. I just really love the color of it. It's the 237 Naturelle.
Moisturizer: This must be my Moisture surge extended thirst relief by clinique. It's really good, and keep's your skin moisture. If you've read my post about how i make my own face primer, you can see that i'd used this moisturizer for the primer too.
Brow Kit: This contain's two colored brow powders, a setting wax, a applicator and a pull out mirror. And it just contain's all you need for your brow's. It's from Wetnwild.
Mascara: My favorite mascara must be masterpiece max, high volume and definition mascara from maxfactor. I'd actually bought this a couple of times, cause i think it's so good, and it's worth buying again.
Nail Polish: That must be the calcium power pure diamond shock resistant from nivea. I'd actually done a post about this nail polish, cause i think the color of it is perfect for fall.
Lip Gloss: It's the shiny licious fruity gloss from maybelline. It's the 813 berry punch. It smell's so good! It makes your lips a little shiny, but not too much, which i think is perfect.
Concealer: I bought this when i was in England, and i can't stop using it. It's the MAC select cover-up, and it's so good! And i must say, that whenever i buy a MAC product i never get disappointed. MAC really know's how to make good product's!
Song: I'd listened to this song the whole September month, and i love it so much. It's We Own The Night by Selena Gomez ft. Pixie Lott. It's really good, but i must say, it was a hard choice to choose my favorite song, cause i have so many. It's this, but it's faster than the real version, due to copy right. The real version is much better!
Candy: SKITTLES! omg, skittles is the best thing i know! 
Starbuck's drink: My favorite starbuck's drink is the Chai Tea Latte. Im not really a coffee lover, i prefer tea. But this drink remind's me so much of christmas, with the cinnamon. This will probably be my favorite in a really long time, cause it tastes so good. And it's cold here, so i prefer hot drinks. 
Book: The Last Song! I'd not finished it yet, but it's really good.

That was my september favorites. Hope you liked it.
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