Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Elf haul

I finally got all the products I adored for about 9 days ago today! They were actually trying to deliver it to me yesterday, but nobody was home, so I had to get it today. This is what i got, and some of it are christmas gifts for my friend.

This is a part of the gift for my friend, so it's not for myself. It's a pressed powder and a blusher.

This is a eye crease brush, a blending eye brush and a kabuki brush.

So this is the nail polishes i got. It's the red velvet, dark navy and the gum pink colors. The gum pink one is for my friend.

That's all of it in the box, when i just got it.

This is the pro mini palette, which i think contains some of the prettiest colors. It's the pro mini 32 warm palette.

Lipstick for my friend, and i still havent found out how this works. 

From left to right, it's the regular & waterproof mascara duo, an mascara primer, a black cream eyeliner and a eyelid primer.