Saturday, December 3, 2011

White peppermint chocolate

This is what you're gonna need:
Powdered normal chocolate
White chocolate
Candy canes
Whipped cream

It's optional how much you wanna use of each ingredients, cause it really depends on how strong you want it to be.

First you wanna put the powdered chocolate in a cup, and blend it with the milk. Then heat it up in the microwave. Now you wanna crush the candy canes with a spoon, and when the chocolate is heated up, you wanna put the crushed candy canes in it. (and again it depends on how strong you want it to be) I putted one candy cane in mine. Now you wanna put the white chocolate in the hot chocolate (I just putted a little piece in it) and blend it all together, until the candy canes and the white chocolate are melted. Finish with whipped cream on the top, which of course is optional. While you're making this, you can always taste it and see if you want any more candy canes in it, or any more white chocolate. Enjoy!

This taste so good! My favorite drink for the holidays